Where To Job-hunt: Government Vs. Private SectorWhere To Job-hunt: Government Vs. Private SectorWhere To Job-hunt: Government Vs. Private Sector

Business | Tangi Amalenge | 0 | 20 Jun 2013

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Where To Job-hunt: Government Vs. Private Sector

So you're fresh out of University, well equipped with your necessary skills and qualifications. You've sacrificed a lot of blood, sweat and tears over the years, and here you finally are, job-hunting. Unless you're the lucky ones to have a bursary/ scholarship, job hunting is not needed as you will have a job reserved at the organization that awarded you the bursary or scholarship.

So where do the least fortunate start their job-hunting quest? Should one search for a job in the Namibian Government (GRN) or head to the Private Sector?

Before you rush your decisions, there are a few things to consider.

There are considerable differences in the way Government and the Private Sector handle employment.

GRN focuses more on hiring people with the necessary qualifications. Having the skills to get the actual job done is secondary, as long as you can show them your papers, you're good to go. Some people will then learn how to perform tasks through trial-and-error.

When it comes to salaries, GRN already has set packages according to your qualifications, so there is no negotiating your salary or benefits. That is a huge plus, provided that you are satisfied with the over-all package.

GRN sounds like a very good choice, but there are a few hurdles that one needs to overcome. Getting a job in GRN is rarely a straight-forward procedure. The system is being abused by individuals who tend to squeeze in their friends or relatives in place of just any ordinary degree-carrying stranger. At the end of the day, "who you know" most definitely plays a role in your recruitment. Cry about it all you want, that's just the way it is.

Moving on to the Private Sector. This is where your skills and your know-how play a big role in landing a job. Organizations won't care much about who you are, where you schooled or what papers you have got. The most crucial thing to them is getting the job done. So basically, if you can complete the task, you are hired.

Sadly, you won't find all organizations with ready-made remuneration packages, especially small companies. So when you will need to sit and negotiate your salary and benefits (if there are any). If you're good at negotiating, you can get a good package, else if you just nod your head to all their offers, you will regret it.

Lastly, let's look at what YOU will get out of the job. People say there is not much personal-growth gained when working for GRN, it is a very laid back experience (surely this depends on your job). However, in the private sector, your level of productivity determines whether the company keeps you or let's you go. There is a lot of personal-growth and experience to gain in the private sector. You will always be on your toes.

I hope this analysis helps you make the right choice as to where you want to work.

Wishing you all the best in your quest.

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