Greedy Freelancers Vs. Exploitative Clients

Business | Tangi Amalenge | 0 | 01 Oct 2013

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Greedy Freelancers Vs. Exploitative Clients

Doing business in Namibia can be a headache at times. We have this thing of always trying to get the most out of someone for the least amount (sometimes even for free!). And then there are those who get paid but fail deliver. This is especially evident in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

You get customers that request a solution from you, but do not want to pay you what you deserve. Then you also get wanna-be developers who know very little but at the same time overcharge clients and deliver half-done solutions. False promises from these web-dev posers, and clients who want the best for next-to-nothing are slowly but surely killing this very exciting and upcoming industry. And then we complain why Government overlooks us and hires foreigners (for Millions!) to get simple jobs done.

Solutions? We need to regulate this industry. Freelancers and clients need protection from each other. Imagine a regulatory body/ association that caters for and registers all web designers, developers, graphic designers, social media gurus, copyrighters. This body can/ should/  must control and enforce rates for all members in their respective categories. At the end of the day, clients will get some reassurance that a particular individual is legit/ capable because they have been blessed by the association, and we (the web designers, developers, graphic designers, social media gurus and copyrighters) will have our standard industry rates, or can we call it non-negotiable MINIMUM-WAGE...?