So Who Is This Tangi Amalenge Anyway?So Who Is This Tangi Amalenge Anyway?So Who Is This Tangi Amalenge Anyway?

Life | Tangi Amalenge | 1 | 28 May 2013

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So Who Is This Tangi Amalenge Anyway?

Hi, I'm Tangi. A web developer by profession, a graphic artist by heart. I live in Namibia, born up north in a town called Ondangwa on 25 December 1988 and grew up in Windhoek.

I go by many names. My government name is Tangi Petrus Amalenge but my family members call me Imannu, short for Imannuel (since I'm a Christmas baby). My high school name was P.I.; an abbreviation of Petrus and Imannuel. Apparently I brought conflict and confusion in class, since there were 2 other Imannuels and 1 other Petrus, so my math teacher, Mrs Meier decided I should be baptised P.I.; I guess she was a big Magnum P.I. fan. My names whilst in university ranged from Shapanya to Tangi Jr. Now that I've graduated (received my Bachelors Degree in Business Computing), you can call me Tangi, just Tangi...

I wanted to become a car designer when I grew up, but life's twists and turns made me a graphic designer, editorial cartoonist, web designer, web application developer, web administrator and most recently, a blogger. Well maybe I got tired of Facebook and Twitter, I think they're too mainstream for me. So yeah, I developed my own blog and here I am, BloggingLikeABoss!

Enjoy ;)


My Image x Kondjaboytjie said (13 Aug 2013 @ 23h32):

This is very good

My Image x Tangi replied (13 Aug 2013 @ 23h56):

Much appreciated.