Rants | Tangi Amalenge | 0 | 17 Jun 2013

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Dear Politicians: Condemning Does Not Count As Taking Action

With the recent wave of gender-based violence (GBV) in Namibia, the government's lack of action has really let me down. Every now and then we read in the papers about passion killing, Namibian women losing their lives, yet nothing is done.

It has become a cycle/ routine that goes as follows:

  1. Woman gets killed
  2. Police arrests suspect (if he didnt commit suicide)
  3. Victim's friends and family go on strike against GBV
  4. Politician receive the petition and CONDEMNS the act
  5. Suspect gets sentenced and jailed

A few weeks pass by, another woman is killed and we repeat the process.

It really saddens me when our elected leaders choose to rather condemn (easy way out) rather than take proper action against GBV. What are they waiting for? Or must their daughters become victims of GBV for them to take action? Condemning is just blowing hot air, it counts for nothing at all. Harsher sentences should be enforced, or maybe even consider re-introducing the death penalty. If nothing is done (beside condemning) we will continue to lose our sisters, daughters and mothers who are valuable members of our society.

I hereby condemn all Politician's condemnations.